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Linear Measuring Calipers

Harlan Doeschot, of Golden Link along with his sons measured a lot of cattle over the years. One of the many correlations they found was that for each inch the Heart Girth exceeded the Top Line measurement, the animal had thirty-seven more pounds of red meat. Each two inch increase in the heart girth over top line measurement resulted in one less pound of feed (in the feedot) to put on a pound of gain! Imagine, more pounds of finished beef that cost even less to produce.  A "win-win-win"

 For each inch he/she was deficient they lost thirty-seven pounds of red meat production and they ate more feed. What this boils down to is, you can determine the meat-to-bone ratio of your calves, yearlings, cows and bulls very objectively by going through this process. At retail grass finished beef prices, what does an extra 37, 74, 117 pounds bring back to you?

Linear Measurement can be used to determine if a 8 month old heifer calf is built for calving ease. Will a 12 month old bull calf possess enough masculinity to be fertile, get the calf out of the cow on time, and be durable and functional on your farm and improve all of his offspring along the way?

Along with the hardware, there will be a DVD in the box with a 7 pages of information on linear measurement; why and how and two pages of field sheets, along with the 9 videos Gearld Fry and I put on You Tube.

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Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

"Tank Bottom" from Golden Valley Vinegar. This is the vinegar with all of the concentrated solids from the rest of the tank. I have been using this product for over a year with my cows and this spring I produced my most flavorful Grass Finished Ground Beef of my 12 years in the business.  I have it for sale for $2.50/gallon in a 275 gallon tote (plus freight).
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